Prince  Wilburn: Here’s Everything To Know About Future’s Son 

Meet Prince Wilburn, an energetic and adventurous 11-year-old boy born on December 5, 2012. He is the beloved son of the famous American rapper Future and the talented model and entrepreneur Brittni Mealy. As a Sagittarius, Prince is known for his independence and love of adventure, always eager to explore new horizons and embrace new experiences.

Standing at 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 36 kg, Prince is a vibrant and dynamic young individual. His American nationality and black ethnicity contribute to his rich cultural background, shaping him into a well-rounded and culturally aware young man.

With his boundless energy and zest for life, Prince Wilburn embodies the essence of youth and vitality. He is a shining example of the promise of a bright future, inspiring those around him with his spirited personality and unwavering enthusiasm.

Who Is Prince Wilburn?

Who Is Prince Wilburn?

Prince Wilburn is a young boy with a big smile and an even bigger heart. His father is the world-renowned rapper Future, and his mother, Brittni Mealy, is a successful model and business owner. Prince loves playing games, drawing, and spending time with his friends, always finding joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Just like many kids his age, Prince enjoys exploring and learning new things every day. With his father’s influence, he has developed a keen interest in music and often finds himself captivated by stories of magical places. Full of creativity and a sense of adventure, Prince is always ready for a new challenge or a fun game.

Prince Wilburn is a shining example of youthful enthusiasm and boundless imagination, making the most of every moment and inspiring those around him with his zest for life.

Prince Wilburn Biography 

Amidst the buzz of December 5, 2012, Prince Wilburn entered the world, making his grand debut in the expansive United States. By 2021, this young prince will have celebrated his eighth year of life, fully embracing the adventurous and spirited essence of his Sagittarius zodiac sign. Growing up in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, Prince was nurtured alongside his seven siblings, forming bonds as strong and enduring as the city’s iconic skyline. 

With a striking ebony complexion, he proudly identifies as African American, embodying the rich tapestry of his heritage, which also includes deep roots in Native American ancestry. Prince’s journey is marked by the colorful blend of cultures and traditions that define his background, making him a unique and dynamic individual ready to take on the world.

Prince Wilburn’s Profile Summary

Full NamePrince Wilburn
Date of BirthDecember 5, 2012
Age11 years (As of 2023)
CountryUnited States of America
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
FatherNayvadius DeMun Wilburn
MotherBrittni Mealy
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBrown
Famous asFuture’s son

Prince Wilburn’s Real Name

His name carries a distinct and captivating aura, encapsulating a unique and meaningful identity. His full name, Prince Navyadius Wilburn, is rich with significance and tells a story all its own. The regal charm of his first name, Prince, conjures images of royalty and grace, perfectly reflecting his remarkable presence. His middle name, Navyadius, holds special familial importance, directly linking him to his father, Future, whose given name is Navyadius DeMun Wilburn. 

This shared name forges a powerful bond between father and son, connecting them across generations. Names, after all, are the intricate threads that weave together the fabric of family ties, endowing each individual with a profound sense of heritage and belonging. For Prince Wilburn, his name is far more than just a label; it is a cherished emblem of his lineage and legacy, symbolizing the deep roots and enduring connections that shape his identity.

Future Son, Prince’s Ethnicity

Born on December 5, 2012, in the United States, Prince Wilburn entered the world amidst great anticipation and excitement. By April 2023, he will proudly celebrate his tenth journey around the sun. With his American nationality and African American heritage, he represents the rich cultural tapestry of his homeland. Prince’s presence is a testament to the diverse and vibrant background that shapes his identity, as he continues to grow and thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Early Life Of Prince Wilburn

Born on December 5, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, Prince Wilburn entered the world amidst the vibrant energy of this bustling southern city. From his earliest days, moments of his life were shared on his parents’ social media platforms, giving the world a glimpse into his journey under the spotlight, thanks to his father’s prominent presence. These early snapshots offered a peek into Prince’s life, marking the start of his unique path in the public eye.

Prince Wilburn Education

Prince Wilburn, a young, school-aged child, is dedicated to his studies, though specific details about his educational journey have not been publicly disclosed. As more information about his schooling becomes available, we will provide timely updates to offer a comprehensive understanding of his academic endeavors.

Prince Wilburn Height And Weight

At 11 years old, Prince is comfortably settling into his age, embracing the adventures of childhood with enthusiasm. Standing tall at 4 feet 8 inches, he often towers over many objects in his home, a clear sign of his growing stature. Weighing in at 36 kilograms, his physical development reflects his journey toward strength and growth.

When Did Prince’s Parents Meet? 

In 2009, Prince’s parents crossed paths for the first time at a bustling club in Atlanta, where Brittni was employed as an exotic dancer. Fate intervened once more when they encountered each other again at Magic City, sparking the beginnings of a friendship that swiftly blossomed into something more. Their bond deepened as they began to date and embarked on shared journeys, exploring the world together.

As their relationship progressed, they took the significant step of moving in together, their love culminating in the joyful anticipation of welcoming Prince into their lives. However, the demands of Prince’s father’s burgeoning career soon cast shadows over their once-thriving partnership, straining the bonds that held them together. 

In 2018, faced with the weight of their challenges, they made the difficult decision to part ways. Despite the dissolution of their romantic relationship, their commitment to co-parenting Prince remained unwavering. Under the care of his mother, Prince found solace and stability, yet he continued to forge precious memories with his father and half-siblings during their cherished moments together.

Who Is Prince Wilburn’s Mother?

Who Is Prince Wilburn’s Mother?

Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Brittni Mealy is a multifaceted entrepreneur and influential social media figure, known for much more than her modeling career. With a sharp eye for fashion and keen business acumen, Brittni established herself as the CEO and founder of Pop of Junk, a thriving clothing company based in Atlanta.

Brittni’s passion for fitness inspired her to create Babe Camp, a dynamic online community dedicated to empowering individuals on their wellness journeys. Through these diverse ventures, Brittni continues to inspire and uplift others, using her platform to promote confidence, style, and personal growth. With each endeavor, she leaves a significant mark on the worlds of fashion, entrepreneurship, and digital influence, continually motivating those around her to pursue their paths to success.

Who Is Prince Wilburn’s Father? 

Who Is Prince Wilburn’s Father? 

Navyadius DeMun Wilburn, better known by his stage name Future, is a prominent figure in American rap music, captivating audiences with his unique sound and chart-topping albums. Born into a family deeply rooted in street culture on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta, Georgia, Future’s musical journey began at a young age as a member of The Dungeon Family, a renowned musical collective.

Embracing his destiny, Future rose to prominence, earning acclaim from Billboard, which hailed him as the “Future of Music.” As a trailblazer in the trap music genre, he has left an indelible mark on the industry, shaping its landscape with his innovative sound and unwavering creativity. In 2011, Future further cemented his position in the music industry by founding Freebandz Records, a label distributed by Epic Records. While his musical journey officially began in 2010, it was in 2015 that he achieved mainstream success with the release of the collaborative mixtape “What a Time to Be Alive,” alongside Canadian rapper Drake. With each verse and every beat, Future continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop, leaving behind a lasting legacy as one of its most influential voices.

Who Are Prince’s Siblings? 

Who Are Prince’s Siblings? 

Prince shares a unique bond with his sibling Jay on his mother’s side. However, it’s on his father’s side where the family tree truly blossoms, as he is connected to eight half-siblings: Londyn, Jakobi, Future Zahir, Hendrix, and Kash Wilburn. While they all share the same father, each sibling has a different mother, highlighting the diverse relationships within their extended family.

Who Is Future’s Current Girlfriend?

After his separation from model Lori Harvey in August 2020, Future found companionship in fellow rapper Dess Dior, embarking on a romantic journey that lasted several months. Their relationship flourished within the music industry, bringing together two artists with a shared passion for their craft and a mutual respect for their talents.

As they navigated the highs and lows of their budding romance, Future and Dess Dior found comfort and support in each other’s presence, building a connection rooted in understanding and admiration. Though their time together may have been short-lived, the memories and experiences shared during this period undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both of their lives, influencing their paths in love and music.

Prince Wilburn Friends

Prince treasures the time he spends with his many friends, who bring boundless joy and excitement to his days. Together, they partake in enjoyable activities like tag and hide-and-seek, filling their playtime with laughter and exhilarating pursuits. Prince and his friends also bond over sharing stories, creating artwork, and engaging in sports like basketball and soccer.

To Prince, friends are an integral part of life. They add vibrancy and richness to each day, imparting new knowledge and offering unwavering support whenever needed. With his friends by his side, Prince always has companions to accompany him on his adventures, ensuring that every moment is brimming with fun and camaraderie.

Prince Wilburn Before Fame

Before Prince gained recognition because of his father, he was a young boy who thrived on big adventures, even within the confines of his backyard. Prince would immerse himself in imaginative quests while playing outside, transforming ordinary objects like sticks and leaves into treasures of his creation.

He delighted in sharing these adventures with his family, infusing each day with a sense of wonder and excitement through his boundless imagination. Even at a tender age, Prince’s playful spirit and creative flair illuminated the world around him, showcasing the boundless possibilities that existed in every moment. In his unique way, Prince was already demonstrating the qualities of a remarkable and imaginative individual, simply by embracing who he was.

Prince Wilburn’s Career

Prince Wilburn's Career

Since Prince is still very young, he doesn’t have a job like adults do. Instead of going to work, he attends school where he learns and plays with his friends. While his dad’s music career and his mom’s business may seem like big careers, for Prince, his “job” right now is being a dedicated student and a joyful friend.

He spends his days learning essential skills like reading, writing, and math, all of which are crucial for his development. While he may consider pursuing a career he loves in the future, for now, Prince is content with simply enjoying his childhood and the adventures that come with it.

Prince Wilburn’s Favorite Games

Prince has some favorite games that he loves to play, turning every day into an adventure. He’s particularly fond of board games like chess or Monopoly, where he can strategize and plan to emerge victorious. When he’s outdoors, you can often find Prince engaged in a lively game of tag with his friends, giggling and darting around with boundless energy.

Additionally, he’s a fan of video games, immersing himself in virtual adventures and exploring new worlds right from his living room. These games not only provide entertainment but also offer valuable opportunities for Prince to learn and exercise his creativity in problem-solving. Rain or shine, Prince always finds a way to infuse excitement into his day through the joy of playing games.

Prince Wilburn’s Favorite Foods

Prince Wilburn, like any typical kid, delights in savoring delicious foods that tickle his taste buds. His top favorite is pizza, adorned with a generous layer of gooey cheese that melts in his mouth with every bite. Chicken nuggets are another beloved treat, offering a satisfying crunch on the outside and a tender interior.

When it comes to snacks, Prince enjoys munching on fruit slices, particularly apples, and bananas, relishing their natural sweetness and nutritional goodness. And on hot days, nothing beats the refreshing pleasure of indulging in a cold ice cream cone, bringing an instant smile to his face. Prince finds the prospect of trying new foods exhilarating, always eager to expand his culinary horizons. Dinner time with his family holds a special place in his heart, as they come together to share a variety of dishes and revel in the joy of eating together.

Prince Wilburn’s Legacy And Impact

Even though Prince is just a young kid, he’s already beginning to leave a small mark on the world simply by being himself. He has a famous father and a remarkable mother, so people are naturally curious about him. But it’s not just about his lineage; it’s about the infectious joy he brings through his smiles, playfulness, and generosity.

Prince serves as a reminder that youth is about embracing fun, soaking up knowledge, and spreading kindness wherever you go. He demonstrates that even at a young age, one can make a positive impact on the world through happiness and creativity.

Prince Wilburn Future Plains

Prince has countless dreams about his future, much like you might! He ponders various possibilities, from following in his father’s musical footsteps to crafting his tales to inspire others. Prince also envisions a future where he can lend a helping hand and bring joy to people’s lives.

Regardless of which path he ultimately chooses, Prince understands the value of learning and giving his best effort. He eagerly anticipates the exciting adventures and endless possibilities that await him in the years ahead, ready to embark on each journey with a wide grin and an open heart.

Where Is Prince Now? 

Where Is Prince Now? 

Currently, Prince Wilburn is prioritizing his education and resides with his mother and siblings in the USA. At the age of 10, as of April 2023, Prince is still a young child with boundless potential ahead of him. While he relishes in the adventures and learning opportunities of childhood, many speculate that he may one day follow in his father’s footsteps and become a remarkable rapper.

For now, Prince is fully immersed in his studies and family life, surrounded by warmth and encouragement. His journey is only just beginning, and with his innate creativity and contagious enthusiasm, the possibilities for his future endeavors are limitless.

Prince Wilburn Hobbies

Outdoor Play: Prince delights in outdoor play, soaking up the sun while engaging in games like tag and hide-and-seek with his friends. These playful activities bring him happiness and laughter.

Video Games: On rainy days or when he wants to unwind indoors, Prince enjoys playing his favorite video games, providing him with relaxation and entertainment.

Drawing: Prince showcases his creative side through drawing, capturing images of his family, animals, and anything that brings him joy. Drawing serves as a creative outlet for him to express himself.

Listening to Music: With his father being a renowned rapper, music holds a special place in Prince’s heart. He finds comfort and excitement in listening to songs, especially those by his dad, which often evoke feelings of happiness and prompt him to dance.

Reading Books: Prince immerses himself in the world of literature, particularly enjoying stories filled with adventures and magical realms. Reading allows him to explore new horizons and expand his imagination.

Playing Sports: Prince thrives on the thrill of playing sports, particularly basketball and soccer, where he can stay active and learn valuable lessons about teamwork and cooperation.

Engaging in these activities brings Prince laughter, learning, and fulfillment as he navigates the exciting journey of childhood.

 Interesting Facts About Prince Wilburn 

  • Prince, a Sagittarius, was born on December 5th and is the son of rapper Future.
  • He shares his father’s love for music, often hosting lively dance parties at home.
  • Prince enjoys drawing animals, possibly having a favorite among them.
  • He loves reading books about magical places and taking imaginary adventures from his room.
  • Basketball and soccer are his favorite sports, keeping him active and entertained.
  • Prince expresses his creativity through drawing, potentially even sketching portraits of others.
  • On rainy days, he finds joy in playing video games, turning indoor downtime into exciting gaming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Prince Wilburn

Q: Who are Prince Wilburn’s parents?

Prince Wilburn’s parents are the renowned American rapper Future (real name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) and model/entrepreneur Brittni Mealy.

Q: What is Prince Wilburn’s date of birth?

Prince Wilburn was born on December 5, 2012.

Q: How old is Prince Wilburn?

As of April 2023, Prince Wilburn is 10 years old.

Q: Does Prince Wilburn have siblings?

Yes, Prince Wilburn has siblings. He has one sibling on his mother’s side and eight half-siblings on his father’s side.

Q: What are Prince Wilburn’s hobbies?

Prince Wilburn enjoys a variety of hobbies, including outdoor play, video games, drawing, listening to music, reading books, and playing sports like basketball and soccer.


Prince Wilburn, the son of renowned rapper Future and accomplished entrepreneur Brittni Mealy, is a spirited and adventurous 10-year-old. Born on December 5, 2012, in the lively city of Atlanta, Georgia, Prince embodies the dynamic essence of his Sagittarius zodiac sign. Growing up in an environment rich with cultural diversity and vitality, Prince’s upbringing has molded him into a multifaceted individual with an insatiable thirst for exploration and discovery.

From a young age, Prince has exhibited an infectious zest for life, infusing every moment with boundless energy and enthusiasm. His upbringing in a melting pot of cultures has instilled in him a deep appreciation for diversity and an openness to new experiences. Whether he’s embarking on outdoor adventures or immersing himself in creative pursuits, Prince approaches each opportunity with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

With his vibrant personality and innate charm, Prince has become a source of inspiration for those around him, radiating positivity wherever he goes. As he navigates the exciting journey of childhood, Prince’s boundless imagination and adventurous spirit serve as a beacon of hope and joy, leaving an indelible mark on the world around him.

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